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The Secret-Telling Chain of Command

Do you suppose Laurel and Hardy told secrets to each other or their wives first? photo credit: Raquel Camargo via photo pin cc

Recently, I had to break some potentially unsatisfying news to my 9 year old daughter, Dimples.  Friends of this blog may recall my story of the day I reluctantly admitted to her that I am, indeed, Santa Claus, and her subsequent reply, “Does Daddy know?”  Her delighted response to my revelation was a great relief, for I feared that my confession might scar her for life.  I should have learned then that Dimples is no ordinary child.

Unbeknownst to Dimples, I had been keeping a secret from her for the last three months.  The reasons for keeping this confidential are complicated, and gave me no pleasure.  But, I finally felt that the time had come to let Dimples in on what was going on.

(Before I continue, let me assure all of you that I am not pregnant, nor am I dying from some dreaded disease.)

I decided to take Dimples out for some frozen yogurt to soften the blow.  After we served ourselves, we sat down, and I said, “I have something I need to tell you.”

“Is it good or bad?” she immediately asked, slightly frowning.

“Well, I guess it’s probably both.”  I paused.  “Your GT teacher is leaving next year.  She is going to move to the new school they are building.”

Dimples loves her GT (Gifted and Talented) teacher.  I love her GT teacher.  They have been together for three years now, and Dimples always has exciting things to report from their weekly classes.   I knew she would not find this to be good news.

But Dimples smiled wide, showing both her famous dimples, and did a sitting jump in her seat.

“You’re not happy your teacher is leaving, are you?” I said, puzzled.

“No, but I’m happy you are taking her place!” she loudly cheered.

And she was right.  I had been hired to replace her GT teacher, news that is still slightly daunting to me despite the fact that I will be forgoing a 20 minute commute for a now leisurely walk to school.

“How did you know?” I asked.  She shrugged.  But she was happy – thrilled, it seemed, that I would be teaching her once a week for her last year in elementary school.

Then she took another big scoop of strawberries and yogurt, and said, “Does Daddy know?”

Now, that would have been really funny if I had just told her I was pregnant…

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