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Get a Good Look Now

We got a new sofa and love seat today.  Not a moment too soon.  Here is what the old loveseat looked like:

And the sofa was in similar disrepair.

We have our 18 month old bulldog, Wonderbutt, to thank for this fine furniture handiwork.

What you can’t fully comprehend from these pictures is the discomfort of sitting on decidedly lumpy cushions, the animal fur that clung to the fabric, and the decidedly musky smell of dog that permeated the upholstery.

A month ago, in a rare moment of family unity, my husband, daughter, and I all agreed that we needed new couches.

We even agreed on the criteria.  They needed to be leather and/or vinyl, and they were not allowed to have removable cushions.  Oh, and they needed to be cheap.  Because it would be hard to explain to the authorities why we abandoned our bulldog in the middle of a busy highway after he chewed through our antique, expensive leather davenport.  If it’s cheap, we can just leave the ruined furniture on the side of the road instead.

Behold Wonderbutt’s New Chew Toys!

Our new rear end receptacles are not completely Wonderbutt-proof, I have a feeling.  This is why I have decided that we will host our daughter’s graduation party and wedding reception here in the next couple of months – even though Dimples is only nine years old. This is probably the only furniture we will be buying in the next 15 years, and everyone is already taking bets on how long it will be worthy of visitation.  Unlike JP Morgan, I’ve decided I should try to play it safe.

So, if you happen to receive an invitation in the mail for our Summer Recept-uation Party, you should not hesitate to accept.  This could be your last opportunity to enjoy our hospitality for at least another decade.

Oh, and just try to ignore the plastic wrap on the couch.

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