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Warning: Dog Beds May Be on the Verge of Extinction

I feel like I’ve been watching one of those nature videos during this last week.  You know, the ones where they show the sped up footage of the decomposition of a dead animal?  Except the object decomposing was not a dead animal.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the object was entirely composed of inorganic material.  And I am somewhat doubtful that dog beds were meant to be included in the Circle of Life.

I mentioned a few days ago that Wonderbutt had taken over Mrs. P.I.B.’s new dog bed.  Even though he already has three of his own.  And I also exhibited a few pieces of evidence of his determination to mark his territory by defacing it.

So, here was the original bed with Mrs. P.I.B. comfortably esconced:

And then Wonderbutt established his Domination of the Bedding:

But, Wonderbutt is apparently a Cut-Off-Your-Nose-to-Spite-Your-Face kind of dog.  Perhaps because he has very little nose on his squished in face to begin with. Anyhow, he was not satisified with the message he had conveyed, so he took it a bit further.

And he gave me his signature “raspberry” to show that he was quite proud of his work.

But, later on, Cap’n Firepants caught him unawares, and I think poor Wonderbutt may have been regretting his evisceration of the bed:

Or, he could just be contemplating his next victim.  It’s difficult to tell with Wonderbutt…

I Get So Promotional, Baby, Every Time I Think of You

Today is a bit of a gratitude roundup.  In the past few weeks, I’ve collected a few nice gestures from people, and it’s important that I give them credit (and some invaluable whatimeant2say PR) before my senile mind forgets all of them.

A.)  I need to thank Stephyness for awarding me the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I am still working on displaying the award, as my Award Shelf Runneth Over.  But, it’s a particularly attractive one, so I will certainly find a way to show it off, rest assured.

2.)  Much appreciation goes out to my pal over at “I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said That“.  She is one of my most stalwart fans, and gives me props on a regular basis.  She bestowed upon me the Award That Must Not Be Named on this Family Blog.  For some reason, she likes my writing, and the feeling is mutual!  Check out her recent article on blog stalking.  If you’re lucky, maybe she will start stalking you!  And, this clever lady actually has two blogs, so be sure you avail yourself of her sunny side, too, by taking a gander at Hobbling Around.  Her Public Service Announcement is one of her many hysterically funny posts.

Trois)  I must direct you to The Middlest Sister, who is celebrating 5,000 subscribers by posting paper art of the avatars of her top 50 commenters.  And, lo and behold, there is the cutest darn picture of Wonderbutt that you ever did see.  See if you can find it in her clever mosaic!  Congrats, Nicole, on your many fans.  Your fame is well-deserved!  (You can also check out Nicole’s clever art at Nevermind Nicki.)

4th.)  We just received a new, hand-made, duck canvas cover for a bed for Wonderbutt from Bow Wow Beds.  And, he totally loves it.  I know he doesn’t look thrilled in this picture, but when have you ever seen him look thrilled?  The best way to tell that he is absolutely delighted is to note that he has not chewed it up yet.  Now, the cover was not free, but I want to thank Amberlii at Bow Wow for having this brilliant idea to make custom covers at reasonable prices (we are using our cover on Dimples’ old crib mattress – great way to recycle!), and for not questioning my request to personalize it with the name “Wonderbutt”!

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