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I’m Like the Hugh Jackman of the Blogging World

So, my daughter graduates from 5th grade this week.  I won’t go into my opinion of the ridiculous lengths some schools and parents put into making the exit from elementary school (which is, after all, compulsory, so I am not sure how it qualifies as a major achievement) an event that would rival the Academy Awards.

I’m not going to talk about that because I have my own awards to acknowledge, and since I won them by working my butt off on stuff that isn’t required, (mostly because no one cares enough to require it) I figure they are far more legitimate than the congratulatory certificate my daughter will receive for completing the first phase of her mandatory education.

I should probably apologize to some of you because I think some awards may have fallen by the wayside during the last 6 months.  When my medication was not working, I had a tendency to be dismissive of awards because I thought that I didn’t really deserve to live, much less to receive an award. But now that I am back to my old self again, I realize that, of course, I deserve all accolades that are heaped upon me – and even the ones that aren’t.

According to my somewhat incredibly vivid memory, I believe Alexandra microrrelatososhortstories gave me a couple of awards awhile back:

awesomeblossom becauseurfantabulous

I like these because they are pretty and aren’t on my Awards Shelf yet.  It’s nice to have a bit of variety on the Shelf.  Plus, the awarder, Alexandra, is internationally acclaimed (she started her blog in Mexico City), so I’m pretty sure I can safely claim now that my blog has gone Global.

And, a bit more recently, Monica at A Day in the Life awarded me the very interesting “Interesting” Award.  Another award that had not graced my shelf until now.  What’s even more significant about this award is that Monica is a Blogger Blogger, not a WordPress Blogger.  Which is like giving an Oscar to The Wheel of Fortune.  So now I just need to get an award from a TypePad Blogger and I’ll have a Blogging Triple Crown…

Monica’s award comes with a bunch of terms and conditions.  Usually I ignore this part of blogging awards.  I mean, does the Academy require Clint Eastwood to agree to stand on his head for twenty minutes while juggling fish with his feet and then pass his trophy on to someone else?  I think not.  But Monica is one of my number one commenters (plus, she lives in my town, so we might run into each other one day), so how can I refuse to at least answer some of her very creative questions?

  • Have you ever had a hernia?  Just a his-nia.
  • Scorpion bite or brown recluse bite?  Are you asking me if I had either or are you asking me which I would rather have?  Or, are you asking me what is the best way to kill the neighbor down the street who has been driving me crazy by coming home at 2:17 a.m. every night and standing outside talking loudly on his cell phone making my dog bark frantically at the person who dares to encroach upon his territory which apparently includes anywhere within hearing distance even though it’s not on our property deed?
  • Scorpion song or Justin Bieber song?  Um, same answer as above?  Or can I just use the scorpion to kill Justin Bieber?  Not that I would do that…
  • If you could put two pop star singers together to make a hit record (that, frankly, just frightens everyone), who would it be?  Well, since you mentioned him in your post, I must say that Barry Manilow would be Pop Star #1.  #2 would be Ozzy Osbourne.  Even though I don’t think he actually qualifies as a pop star.
  • If you don’t know the answers to any of the above, what do you know?  Well, obviously, I know all.

So, thank you to Alexandra and to Monica for recognizing my awesome talent and having the sense to wait until my new medication started working to declare their admiration of my amazing blog.  Right back at ya, ladies 🙂

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