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We Should Probably Get a New Housekeeper

During a recent rare, somewhat supervised, exploration of the Forbidden Section, Wonderbutt immediately latched on to the Swiffer Duster I had carelessly left on an ottoman in our bedroom.

He immediately posed next to the vacuum cleaner. He would have looked more believable if he was gripping the other end of the duster.

Used Swiffer Dusters apparently don't taste very good.

Ahh! Now we're cookin' - or cleaning'. Or pretty much just slobberin'.

Wonderbutt took his new prize out to the living room.  I was totally psyched.  The living room has been needing a good dusting.  Among other things.

Bounding to the living room was very taxing, apparently.

Now he's depressed because I just told him that All My Children isn't on anymore.

It’s hard to find good help.

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