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The Secret Behind the Job Growth in Texas

It is now legal to noodle in Texas.  I don’t know what you think that is, but I’ve certainly learned some new things since the law went into effect on September 1st.  If you, too, are in need of information on this topic, you can watch this video of noodling in action:

To be honest, I kind of feel sorry for the catfish.  But I guess it isn’t any worse than getting a hook stuck in the roof of your mouth.

Another new law in Texas allows hunters to shoot feral hogs from helicopters.  I could not find a name for this type of hunting.  Although I like the alliteration of “hunting hogs from a helicopter”, that does not conjure up the same imagery that noodling does.

So, hunters now seem to have it made in Texas.  Come on over, y’all, if you like the thrill of a good hunt.

Of course, if you have kids you hope will graduate from high school with a diploma, you might want to try living in one of the 49 other states plus D.C. who ranked higher than us.  And if you want them to do well on their SAT, well go on then.

Vote Perry for President and it won’t matter where you live – you can do all of the noodling you want.

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