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whatimeant2invent #1

I am going to start doing something really stupid.  I know it’s stupid, but this action is to replace an even stupider action – which was actually an inaction.

I am an Idea Person.  When I was kid, I used to dream that I would one day operate a tiny store to which people would come to buy my ideas.  They would walk in, and I would say, “What kind of idea do you need – a story, a new product, a type of building?” They would tell me, and then I would pull out my index card file and find an idea for them.

I’ve given up the dream of my little Idea Store, but I still think of new ideas constantly.  Some of them are story ideas, which I reserve for myself.  Some are teaching ideas, which helps a lot to keep my students on their toes.  But some are ideas with which I have no, uh, idea, how to do anything.

I’ve floated a few on Quirky, which is a great concept, but some of them don’t really fit into the Quirky format.

Over the years, I have been constantly bombarded with my own ideas being flung in my face by other people who also had them and actually knew what to do with them.

Recently, I was reading an article on CNN that showcased some of the most recent innovations being worked on.  One of them was a highway that charges your car.

I had this idea years ago.  I know – you don’t believe me.

Which is why I am going to start flinging my ideas out to the web.  In my head or on my iPad they do no one any good.  So, I am going to release them to the world.  If they love me they’ll come back with lots of money.  If they don’t, well, someone else will probably find a way to make some money.

Here is Idea Number One:  A pill that slows hair growth.  (I’m hoping my very wonderful hair stylist is not reading this because I am honestly not trying to put him out of business.)

But, seriously, think about this ladies.  Less hair cuts per year.  And, even more importantly, less hair coloring to cover the grays that grow out.  And, what about shaving/waxing our legs and other unholy parts?  Lots of money is spent on trying to make hair grow, but has anyone actually looked into making it grow slower?

Idea #1 has now been released.  To those of you who want to use it, it would be nice if you gave me some credit, but I’m pretty sure a blog post is not legally binding.  And to those of you who know about a product that already does this, I would be happy  if you put me out of my misery and inform me right away.

Fast Hare. Oops. Wrong kind of hair. photo credit: oldbilluk via photopin cc

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