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March’s Dead Rubber Post – Numero Deuce

As promised (or threatened – depending on how you look at it) yesterday, I am extending my Dead Rubber Post for the month because this week is a particularly demanding one on the social events calendar.  Or, it could just be laziness.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Today’s post has a target audience of 11 people – the people who participated in my devious reversal of the fine blogger trend of assigning people increasingly odd questions to answer.  My response to this was to give people my answers, and to make you guess the question.  This obviously was a huge success based on the number of responses.

I could create an X-ray impenetrable fort out of all of the lead balloons I’ve been collecting in the last few weeks.

Anyway, I digest.  (Attempted pun related to my stomach issues of late.  Another lead balloon?)

Here are the response summaries from my Google Form with the answer I gave in bold on the top left, and the breakdown of what questions you guessed listed on the right:

Yes - my toilet paper is hung over and under. I really don't care either way.

I would love to retire (when I'm old enough; I'm not quite there yet!) and work on The Daily Show. I would work there for free if I could.

O.K. This wasn't fair, but I was trying to work within the questions originally given by J-Wo without giving an obvious answer. Worst chore ever (that I happen to do quite well, surprisingly) - cleaning toilets (Just call me Ring Master.)

I want to believe in ghosts. Totally. But I'm pretty much on the fence about it. Maybe leaning a little toward the side that's not haunted.

I would definitely perform the Jonas Snap at the circus. I am an awesome Jonas snapper. Learned it before the Jonas brothers were even born. Learned it before snapping was even invented. My best trick.


And the winner with the most correct answers questions – a whopping 3 – is Audrey.  Woohoo!  Thank you for playing.  Come again.

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