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Thank God the White House Has its Own Cook

Now that I have officially announced my Presidential Candidacy, and I have been Officially Endorsed by my friend, The Hobbler, I feel that it is my obligation to inform you that I may or may not possess all of my faculties.  The following anecdote will help you make an informed decision about my ability to perform my job – or any job, for that matter.

My husband, the long suffering Cap’n Firepants, asked the other day, “Hey, did you notice the corn in the Tupperware dish on the counter?”

“Yeah, why did you leave that on the counter?”

“I wanted to remind myself to tell you where I found it.”

This is where he found it. Note the nonperishable items that surround it. And, yes, this is another re-enactment (with the original dish of corn).

Neither one of us remembers putting the leftover corn in the pantry (otherwise known as the unrefrigerated closet that does not preserve food) with the clean Tupperware.

To his credit, he never said it was me.

But I know he thinks it.

And I think it, too.

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