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I Apologize if You Were Behind Me in the Drive Thru Yesterday

In the pharmacy drive-thru line…

“Um, I was just wondering.  What do I press if I don’t approve of the amount?”

“Do you mean that you don’t want to pay all of it with your debit card?”

“No, I’m going to pay all of it.  But your little machine isn’t asking me that.  It’s asking me to ‘approve the amount.’  I don’t approve of the amount that is being charged.  I think $60 is far too much for 28 pills – 4 of which are actually made from sugar.”

“Ma’am, are you going to buy the pills or not?”

“Well, I kind of have to. I just feel it’s a little presumptuous to ask me to assume that if I agree to pay the amount that I am also giving it some sort of high review.  There needs to be a button that says, ‘I am paying this under protest.’  Or, if they really want specific feedback, then give me some kind of rating system or something.”

“Ma’am, you just need to authorize your debit card company to take this money out of your account.  Please.  There are people behind you.”

“Fine.  But I just want it on the record that I do not in any way endorse this ridiculous charge…  Ok, now, it’s asking me if I want money back.  Well, of course I want money back.  I want the whole $60 back!  Now we’re talking!  Why didn’t you tell me I could just get it back?”

“Ma’am – ”

“Don’t worry.  I’m almost done here.  No, I do not want to donate a dollar to charity.  Yes, this is my final offer.  No, I do not want to complete a survey.  Yes, I am ready to pay now.  No, I – oh, crap.”

“You pressed, ” ‘No, I want to start all over,’ didn’t you?”

“I tell you what.  Why don’t you just keep the $60, and give me the pills, and we’ll call it even?”

“I tell you what.  Why don’t you just go find an ATM machine, and come back here when you have the cash?”

“Oh, I have the cash.  But this is the wrong line.  It said, “Debit and credit cards ONLY.”

“Just give me the cash.”

“Okay.  Are you going to give me the pills?”


“Fine.  You don’t have to get all snotty about it.  I was just trying to follow the rules.  If you’re going to take cash, you should put that on the sign.  Yeesh.”

These things wouldn’t happen if everyone just said what they meant, for crying out loud.



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