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I Can Smile at the Old Days. I Was Beautiful Then. And a Better Mom.

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not. ~ Mark Twain

It’s picture day tomorrow.  Dimples is 10.  This is her last year in elementary school.  Her last class picture with less than 200 people in it.  I get it.  I should buy the picture.  However, she brought home four order forms.

“What’s this?”

“For clubs.  We have to do a separate order form for each club.”

There are four clubs taking pictures.  Dimples is in three of them, in case you have not done the math.

Each picture costs approximately $500.

Just kidding.  But, they are relatively expensive.  Especially for someone who just had to pay to recover data from her not-dead-yet hard drive.

“So, I’m just wondering.  Do you know where last year’s class picture is?” I asked.

“Oh, we didn’t get one last year,” she quickly responded.

“Yes, we did.  What about the one for the year before that?”

“Oh, we haven’t bought any for the last couple of years.”

“Yes, we have.  I’ve bought one every year.”

“Well, where are they?”

“That’s what I asked you.  But since you obviously don’t know, I will tell you.  They are in a file drawer.”

“Well, why are they there?”

“Because every year, you toss them at me, and I stick them in the drawer.  And you never think about it again.”

“But we should hang them up!”

“Really?  This is what we should display on our walls?  Photos in which 5 years from now we will be able to identify 1/28th of the people represented?”

“Well, we should put them somewhere.”

“I’m not hanging them in the hallway, and I’m not paying for 4 more pictures to stick in my drawer.”  Even though I just lost your whole lifetime of pictures when my hard drive bit the dust.  But let’s not dwell on the past.  Or the complete absence of it.


Later on, she informed me that she was willing to deal.  One club picture and the class picture.

I think there’s enough room in the drawer for them.


In a couple of years, I could probably pass this off as her class picture. She won’t know the difference, right?
photo credit: hseikaly via photopin cc

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