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Let Me Show You Some Skin

How do you like my new iPad 2 skin?  Pretty cool, huh?  What’s that you say?  Oh, you noticed, huh?  There are 2 more awards on my shelf!!!!!!  No, I’m not bragging.

O.K.  Yes I am bragging.

No false modesty here.  I like awards.

I hate work, though.  So, you won’t be surprised that, just like my new iPad skin, I will be cutting a few corners in my acceptance of these awards.

First of all – the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I have been coveting this particular one for some time.  Fortunately, my hilarious pal, The Idiot, bestowed it upon me before I just decided to steal it from someone’s site.  I say this is fortunate, because stealing awards requires a lot of work – you know, making up stories about who gave it to you, creating a fake blog to back up your alibi, etc…

I’m supposed to tell you a bunch of things about myself, and then award this to ten more people.  As you can see, though, I am too busy designing iPad skins, so I’m skipping all of that business.  That requires too much research – into my psyche and into other bloggers to make sure they haven’t already received it.  I will pass it on to one more person, though, to keep this award going.  I know I’ve already given her an award, but I really think this one is completely fitting for her – The Middlest Sister.  She is, hands-down, the most Kreativ blogger I know.  Normally, I hate people with that much talent, but since I don’t actually know her, it’s easier just to be insanely jealous.

Next award – The One Lovely Blog Award from my dear, dear friends, Chuck and the Collies of the Meadow.  They and The Hobbler have been crazy enough to give me this award, and their support of my blog has been absolutely phenomenal.  I am seriously considering having Chuck’s words of praise tattooed somewhere on my body.  If my jeans become any tighter, I know exactly where that tattoo will fit…

I am passing The One Lovely Blog Award on to Muddled Mom.  I really enjoyed her post about her son turning nine, as she eloquently described exactly how I felt when Dimples turned nine in December.  Except for the stuff about him being a boy.

And now, the most recent award that has been added to the shelf – the Glitter E. Yaynus  Award.

It’s difficult to describe my feelings about this award.  Mostly because I’m not the one who received it.  It was actually awarded to Wonderbutt or, as GingerSnaap at Ohmygawdjustdowhatisay, so succinctly put it – “This is not for Mrs. Firepants, this is specifically for WonderButt- her Bull Dog. WonderYanus.”

I related to Wonderbutt that he has received this honor.  He is still deciding how he feels about it.  Because it is his first very own award, he has decided to fulfill all of the requirements that are passed along with it.  But, he is still composing his thoughts, so tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to his responses.

Lastly, I have an award I promised to give to the first person who could identify the movie quote in my post titled, “Tell Me About it, Stud.”  The winner is Chuck and the Collies of the Meadow.  You are now the lucky owners of the “I Wonderbutt, Do You?” Award.  May this magnificent honor help to speed sweet Trevor’s recovery!

I Hope You’ll Visit Me in Prison

Last weekend, Dimples won first place in one of her synchronized swimming competitions.  As she grinned from ear to ear while accepting her blue ribbon, I couldn’t help feeling proud – and jealous.  It’s hard to be an adult sometimes, when the opportunities to win awards are few and far between.  As I’ve reminded everyone several times,  I am addicted to accolades.

This is why I blog.  The blogging community has all sorts of honors to bestow, and it seems like there are new ones being invented all of the time.  My goal is to collect every single one of them on my Awards Shelf.

To that end, I have a couple of new awards to announce; the “Crack Up” and the “One Lovely Blog” have been recently conferred upon me.

The “Crack Up” was generously passed on by an opinionated mommy named KP.

The Hobbler tapped me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Thank you, Ladies, for helping me to feel validated and less envious of my nine year old daughter.

As veteran bloggers know, these notches on our bedposts do not come without a price.  Every single one of these fabulous prizes have rules.  No one has told me what happens if you break the rules, but we might find out in the next couple of days because I am feeling a bit rebellious and a lot lazy.

I have already thanked my benefactors, so that requirement has been fulfilled.  But, I can’t remember what the other expectations are – and I am feeling slightly passive aggressive – so I am just going to make them up.  If you want to know what the actual rules are, please click on the links for the wonderful blogs listed above.  Even if you don’t want to know the actual rules, I highly recommend you visit them anyway.

Since I know that I like to be recognized, I feel it’s only fair to recognize some other people.  But I know it’s overwhelming to the readers to suddenly be accosted with a bunch of links.  Therefore, I am going to limit my own awarding to one person for each award (this is where the Blog Police might come and take me away as I am blatantly defying the award criteria):

If you really want to “Crack Up”, I think you will not be disappointed by visiting “I’ve Become My Parents.”

And the “One Lovely Blog” I would like to recognize is “The Middlest Sister.”

There are tons of other blogs I love to read, and highly recommend, on my Blog Roll.  If I was not feeling so lethargic, I would invent an award for each and every one of them.  As it is, you should find it a true testament to their value that I even found the energy to create a blog roll for the sole purpose of honoring them.

I think I am supposed to tell you some things about myself, but I highly doubt you want to know anything at this point, since you are either cussing me out for not honoring you, or you don’t give a flip about these awards anyway.  I will tell you that I have a secret trick for getting out of handcuffs, so if you are planning to arrest me for breaking the blogging laws, you might want to reconsider your method of capture.

And, on that note, my acceptance speech is complete.

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