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This is the First Post Ever that Combines These Topics

At a loss for a blog topic (a problem that has been occurring with alarming frequency), I was cruising CNN’s webpage for a headline that might spark an idea.

Why I orgasmed in an MRI scanner” caught my eye.

First of all, kudos to Kayt Sukel, the author of this post, for an eye-catching title.  Got my attention.

Secondly, she deserves some gratitude from all of us for contributing to the scientific research into human sexuality.

Thirdly, hasn’t everyone always said that you are not allowed to move during an M.R.I.?

I would like to know how she accomplished that little trick.

Apparently, Ms. Sukel was participating in a study on sexuality, which is a very noble cause, and I applaud her devotion to science.

I am not going to use this opportunity to make fun of her because I think there are plenty of other people who will take up that line.

I will use this opportunity to make fun of me.

Recently, I completed an online assessment which stated that I am a Pioneer.  Considering my recent post about Little House on the Prairie, I find this slightly ironic.

However, the assessment results, in combination with my assessment of Ms. Sukel’s article, have made me wonder just how willing I am to try new adventures.

How far would I go to be “the first?”

It seems like it’s getting more and more difficult lately to accomplish things that no one else already has.  Ms. Sukel was apparently one of many to orgasm in an MRI scanner, so that’s out.  I am, however, jealous of her achievement of being the first person to write about the experience (at least, I assume she is).

Although I am pretty certain that I would not have pursued that idea even if I had been the first to come up with it.

I believe that I am the first to blog about a bulldog named Wonderbutt, member of the family Firepants, and that gives me no small amount of pride.  But, I still feel that there are more frontiers I must explore, and both Ms. Sukel and my incredibly accurate online assessment have inspired me to fulfill my Pioneer destiny.

For the sake of my family, my adventures cannot include: revelations of sexual experiences, death-defying stunts, or anything illegal in the United States.

As 99.9% of my brainstorming list falls into the above categories, I am having trouble determining my next course of action.

Also, I probably cannot: travel too far from home, end up in the Witness Protection Program, or participate in any experimental drug trials.
Now that I have crossed out virtually everything on my list, there is only one possibility.

I must become the first female President of the United States.

Yeah, I didn’t know that’s where I was going either.

Why Do I Think a Man Came Up with this Idea?

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