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WhatIMeant2Say Spring Membership Drive

As WhatIMeant2Say enters the final three days of our Spring membership drive, your decision to support becomes even more important.  So far this Spring, a Wonderbuttload of readers have subscribed to this blog.  If you are one of them, THANK YOU!  We are currently processing your pledge and will be sending out member cards and thank you gifts within a few weeks composing a rap song to the tune of “Edelweiss” in your honor. 

If you have NOT yet chosen to follow this stupendously humorous blog, please do so during our drive.  Our director, Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, made a pledge to have 6 million subscribers by the end of Spring.  The crazy woman has since been on medical leave, but we are hoping that 5.99 million people will take pity on us for having had to put up with her for 9 months.  

If you would like to sample some of our excellent programming before committing to a subscription, here are some suggestions:  

Your decision is extremely important to the future of WhatIMeant2Say!  You can maintain your commitment to quality radio programming mediocre blogging by clicking on the E-Mail Subscription button on the left margin.  Thank you from all of us at Texas Public Radio WhatIMeant2Say.  We wish you good listening luck on KSTX WhatIMeant2Say!



Wonderbutt Firepants

Acting Director


P.S.  If you are a federal, state, city, county, or school district employee and are giving through your workplace giving campaign, please complete the form at and under “payment options” click on the government campaign in which you participated you may not want to use your work e-mail address to subscribe to this blog, as the author sometimes makes mildly inappropriate comments and has been known to sing the explicit lyrics to songs.  

We are standing by sitting down now for your calls.  But don’t call.  Just subscribe.  
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