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This is a Private Service Announcement Brought to You by Wonderbutt

As part of your On Demand Subscription package to WhatIMeant2Say, you will now be receiving irregular Dog Toy Reviews.  I don’t Mean2Say that we will be reviewing irregular dog toys.  WhatIMeant2Say is that we will, from time to time, on an irregular, unpredictable basis, be reviewing dog toys.  Having this nifty little feature added to your already valuable bundle should make you feel quite the envy of all non-WhatIMeant2Say subscribers.

Mrs. P.I.B. , our 10 year old golden retriever, was never a chewer.  She prefers, even now, to obsessively lick her toys.

Wonderbutt, our 1 year old bulldog, is the opposite.  He licks us obsessively and completely annihilates his toys.

So, it is quite a challenge to find toys that will last more than a week against the razor sharp teeth of Wonderbutt.

I realize Mrs. P.I.B. is somewhat of an anomaly, so I think that there will be many dog owners out there who might appreciate my new idea – the Wonderbutt Toy Reviews.

I have decided that whenever we find a toy that can withstand the perils of a Wonderbutt household, it deserves an award.  So, today I unveil the P.A.W. (Product Approved by Wonderbutt), given to only the most durable and infinitely entertaining dog toys.

Considering my recent confession of my less than kind feelings toward acronyms, you might question my choice of using one for this award.  Questioning and criticizing are not part of the Basic On Demand Subscription package, so you will have to upgrade to the Premium Package if you have an uncontrollable desire to insult me.

For our first award, Wonderbutt and I have chosen the Hurley, an unlikely toy I chanced upon at Dogologie in Fredericksburg.

According to, "Hurley is guaranteed against dog damage and West Paw Design makes it easy to give this durable dog toy a try with a one-time refund or replacement."

It made bold promises on the packaging, and I immediately thought this would be a great idea for a blog – Wonderbutt’s destruction of an”indestructible” toy.  With accompanying pictures, of course.

Alas, as all bloggers know, planned catastrophes for the sake of blog fodder are about as successful as planned wars in the Middle East.

At first, I was a little disappointed, I must admit.  It seems that the toy really is indestructible – but not because of its extreme durability. Wonderbutt had absolutely no desire to play with it.  It was almost as if, with one look, he could tell that he was not going to be able to shred it, so he decided not to waste his time.

With a little more involvement from the Family Firepants, though, things changed.  Wonderbutt suddenly became interested when the toy went shooting past his head and boomeranged off the wall into Mrs. P.I.B. Now that he could see its potential, it was Game ON.

First of all, this thing bounces wildly, but it rolls very little.  This is an important distinction because Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B.’s favorite game to play is to roll their toys under the furniture and then behave like Lassie when Timmy’s in the well until we get them out.

Secondly, this toy is slippery.  Not slippery/slobbery like some toys get and you are disgusted by ever touching them.  Slippery enough so that when Wonderbutt thunders past you at 200 miles per hour you can whisk it out of his mouth, making him stop short and do a somersault into the bedroom door in the hallway.  It’s a beautiful thing, and it happens every time. (As an added bonus, I don’t have to play Tug of War and end up with Wonderbutt’s jaw clamped down on my fingers instead of his toy.)

And thirdly, Wonderbutt has not been able to get any chunks out of this eco-friendly toy.  Believe you me, the dog has tried.  He has gotten quite a few chunks out of me while attempting to mutilate the toy.

Unfortunately, the company will not replace me, though Cap’n Firepants has tried.

And fourthly, it’s buoyant.  Since our bulldog is barely buoyant himself, I think we will probably not need to test that feature.

So, go out and buy a Hurley from as soon as you can.  And, if you have a dog, you should think about getting him or her one, too.  Wonderbutt recommends it.

This Product is Officially Endorsed by Wonderbutt

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