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Monté, You’re Not a Wuss in Boots!

We missed our dogs, Wonderbutt and Mrs. Pain in the Butt, while we were visiting our Houston cousins.  But, one of the many perks of visiting our relatives, the Globetrotters, is that they also have two dogs.  It helps us to not miss our own two Butts quite as much.  The canine Globetrotters always keep us amused with their antics.  And they seem to have a special affection for Dimples.

Lola, the Boxer, waits forlornly outside any room into which Dimples might temporarily disappear.  She then covers Dimples with kisses upon her return.

Monté, the Jack Russell, tirelessly delivers his toy to Dimples as she sits on the couch playing Mario Kart.  After each delivery he waits, patiently poised, for Dimples to fling the toy across the room.

Monté, the oldest of the two dogs, enjoys watching T.V.  He was particularly entranced with Dimples’ choice of movie one night – Puss in Boots.  He spent most of the movie standing in front of the television stand, staring intently at the screen.  If Monté felt that any of the characters were crossing the line of good behavior, he would grab whatever toy happened to be the nearest, and ferociously growl while he whipped the toy back and forth in his mouth.

I am pretty certain that Puss would not have prevailed if Monté had not been so vigilant throughout the film.

Poor Monté has suffered from allergies since his move to Houston a year ago, resulting in an attempt by the Globetrotters to curtail his incessant licking of his paws by putting socks on him.

Despite the ultra masculine skull and crossbones on these socks, Monté does not allow them to stay on his feet.


I think that he is afraid that this restriction of his paws will not allow him to be fully aware of the constant threats from which he must protect the Globetrotter residence.

Unfortunately, the Dynamic Duo could do nothing to protect us from the return of my nemesis:

OMG! Are you pointing at me, Big Mean Kitty? Did you just say, "You're goin' down, Mrs. Cap'n Firepants!"?

I think it’s time to get back to San Antonio.

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