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Tell Me About it, Stud

Wonderbutt has a new “friend” who has been visiting our back yard.  Our daughter, Dimples, loves Sandy, as she has named this stray cat.  (2nd only to The Sound of Music is Dimples’ love of Annie.)  Wonderbutt’s feelings appear to be a little more acrimonious.  I am guessing this because, when he spies Sandy in the yard, he flies at the window, barks vehemently, scratches the windowsill in his frustrated attempts to catch Sandy’s attention, and looks at me with absolute astonishment that I could dare allow such a blatantly rude intruder on our property.

Love at First Sight

Sandy appears to be unmoved by Wonderbutt’s dramatics.  She/He sits in the sun, staring at the house until his/her eyes close, completely oblivious to the fact that a 65 pound bulldog has every intention of making him/her a homicide victim as soon as he figures out a way to break out of his prison.

One Cool Cat

I am not sure which of these animals is more in need of a Come-Uppance, but it is very tempting to open that window to see what would happen…

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