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He Ain’t Heavy (O.K. – He IS Heavy), He’s Her Brother


“The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother – and they’ll settle for a puppy every time.”  ~Winston Pendelton

Dimples and Wonderbutt have a bit of a Sibling Rivalry going on.  

I think this might be somewhat beneficial, because Dimples gets to learn that it’s not all about her.  (Unfortunately, neither she nor Wonderbutt has yet come to the blatantly obvious conclusion that it’s all about me.)

It doesn’t matter that Dimples is an eight-soon-to-be-nine year old girl and Wonderbutt is a 1 year old bulldog.  Wonderbutt may be younger than her, and weigh more, but he’s just as annoying to Dimples as a typical baby brother.

Mrs. P.I.B., our oldest “child” (10), is a typical elder sibling.  She rests her golden head between her paws, alternating raised eyebrows at the battles that unfold in front of her.

Case in Point:  As I was attempting to type my blog, Dimples was in the living room attempting to play with her Kinect video game while Wonderbutt was attempting to play with her.   In case you haven’t experienced Kinect, it requires full body participation, so one is standing up and moving around while playing.  To Wonderbutt, if someone is standing up and moving around in his vicinity, this is an invitation for him to join in the fun.  His idea of joining in, mind you, is ramming you behind the knees or tripping you.

“Stop it!” 

“I MEAN it; cut IT out!”

Since Dimples knows that yelling has absolutely no effect on Wonderbutt, and she is yelling loudly enough for the dead rats to hear in the attic, I can only assume this is her way of calling my attention to the fact that Wonderbutt is bothering her and she wants me to intervene.  

I don’t.

When sabotaging the Kinect game doesn’t divert Dimples’ attention enough to satisfy Wonderbutt, he resorts to Plan B.  I love Plan B.  Because it thoroughly annoys Dimples.

Squee-ee-e–e-ak!  Squeee-ee-e–e-ak!  Squeek!  Squeek!  Squeeky, squeek.

Wonderbutt races around with his noisiest toy.

“Stop it!”

Squee-ee-e–e-ak!  Squeee-ee-e–e-ak!  Squeek!  Squeek!  Squeeky, squeek.

“Oh MY GOD!  STOP IT!”  

Squeekity.  Squeekity. Squeek, squeek, squeee-ee-e–e-ak!

“THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I hear the video game being paused, and can only assume that Dimples is now chasing Wonderbutt because the squeaking is now at a frenzy.

Suddenly – silence.  Sweet, blessed silence.  Maybe they both ran into a wall and knocked themselves out.

No such luck.

Dimples enters the room.

“Mo-o-o-o-m!  He just peed on the floor!”  

“Hmmm,” I respond as I type away.  “He stopped squeaking, though, didn’t he?”

Dimples glares at me, then walks out, stomping her feet.  

It’s tough being the middle child.







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