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Angels Cross Here

My sister, Crash, texted this picture that was ostensibly taken near Appalachian State University by someone she knows.

Assuming this is an actual sign, and one of us isn’t being bamboozled, what the heck does it mean?

The guess from her friend was, “Watch out for flying, drinking, hula hooping college drunks.”  At first, I thought that was a bit redundant.  I mean, don’t all drunks hula hoop?

My take was, “Angels cross here, so don’t throw boomerangs at their knees by accident.”

Another possibility, “It’s best to walk in erratic 3/4 circles so raptors won’t land on your shoulder.”

Any other ideas?

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WhatIMeant2Say Spring Membership Drive

As WhatIMeant2Say enters the final three days of our Spring membership drive, your decision to support becomes even more important.  So far this Spring, a Wonderbuttload of readers have subscribed to this blog.  If you are one of them, THANK YOU!  We are currently processing your pledge and will be sending out member cards and thank you gifts within a few weeks composing a rap song to the tune of “Edelweiss” in your honor. 

If you have NOT yet chosen to follow this stupendously humorous blog, please do so during our drive.  Our director, Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, made a pledge to have 6 million subscribers by the end of Spring.  The crazy woman has since been on medical leave, but we are hoping that 5.99 million people will take pity on us for having had to put up with her for 9 months.  

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What the Heck is Going On?

This is not one of my regular posts.  Just a general comment/question to the public at large.  Seriously, what is the deal with WordPress lately?  Suddenly I was getting an avalanche of comments from everyone’s blog that I follow even though I have never subscribed to comments.  Then I e-mailed WordPress for help, and they told me I needed to unsubscribe to the comments EVEN THOUGH I NEVER SUBSCRIBED IN THE FIRST PLACE.  And now, apparently, I have unsubscribed to every blog I previously followed.

So I had to go back and resubscribe to each one individually.  But it still doesn’t show all of the ones I previously followed.

If this makes no sense to you, X out of this post and carry on.

If this makes ANY sense to you, please fill me in!

And if you think this is just a blatant attempt to get more page views today, well, that could be true, but you might as well comment since you are already here.

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