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Are You Talking to Me?

Now I know someone is messing with me.  Someone with a modicum of creativity and a heaping dose of a twisted sense of humor.  After yesterday’s post about the numerous readers who have recently arrived here at Whatimeant2say by way of searching for “sexiest woman”, I awoke to find that one or two jokesters had gotten here by typing in “hottest woman on a monster truck”.  While that may or may not be a true statement about me, I am not sure how anyone would know it since I have not blogged about it.  In addition, my 2nd top search this morning was “nude on the floor”.  Since I’m not one of those people who typically dresses her dog up in tutus, I guess you could technically say that Wonderbutt is most nearly always nude on the floor.  But I certainly don’t advertise it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go throw on my bikini so I can wash my huge, honkin’ truck before my next rally.  I hate bikinis, but the neighbors tend to frown on me when I perform this driveway chore in the nude.  At least the female ones do.

Hottest woman next to a monster truck on the floor not nude. (That's the best I could do, People.) I hope you're satisfied. photo credit: Scott McKittrick via photopin cc

Tag, You’re It

The above was the recent tag listing on one of my favorite blogs, Twinfamy.

I think he forgot to include a “sarcasm” tag.

According to WordPress, the less tags you use, the better.  However, I noticed that Twinfamy ended up with 108 comments on that particular post, and 8 and 13 on the ones before that.  Personally, I think a whole bunch of people have been searching “inauthentic Dada”, and couldn’t believe it when they finally hit the jackpot.

I have been doing a little research on tags.  In my continual quest to boost my stats I notice that the tag that gets the biggest hits is the News tag.  I did give one of my posts this tag.  And it was a legitimate post about noodling – very educational, too.  I don’t think it was truly appreciated by the News tag surfers however.  I briefly considered doing it on every post just to get some more visits to my site, but figured that would violate some kind of blogging etiquette.  It probably doesn’t increase your stats very much if you tick people off.

I surfed some of the posts that appeared under the News tag and started to fall asleep.  I mean, do people really seek out this stuff?  All you have to do is open Yahoo, read six headlines, and you are caught up.

So I then checked out the second biggest tag – Music.  I perused some of those blogs and couldn’t even understand them.  They were throwing around names of bands and singers that made less sense than the news posts.

One of my most viewed posts had  “Porn” in the title.  Thus, I felt that it was perfectly legal for me to add it as a tag.  I have a feeling that porn seekers might have felt a bit differently after skimming through my announcement of my intention to participate in an Adult Spelling Bee.  Interestingly enough, according the Word Press Cloud of Tags, Porn does not appear to be one of the top ten.  I think there’s some deceit going on here.

After looking at the top ten tags, I realize that I’m really not writing about anything that anyone desires to read.  Where the heck is the animal tag, or bulldog, or dogs?  And, for heaven’s sake, why isn’t there a Wonderbutt tag?

It just occurred to me that maybe WordPress’ tag page is showing the tags that are used the most by bloggers, not necessarily searched the most.  In which case, I need to aim to hit a tag that’s on the page, but not too big because the bigger your tag is, the more competition you have.  But I certainly don’t want to do one of the measly little tags, like Libya.  I know less about that than I do about Music.

After careful consideration, I have settled on the following topic for tomorrow’s post: Miscellaneous.  Surely I can think of something to go with that.  I can feel my stats rising already.

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