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This is How Wonderbutt Negotiates

We have a bulldog.  His name is Wonderbutt.  He listens to public radio, reads and/or eats books, and recently switched to the unlimited texting plan.

Oh, and his farts are noxious.

And he doesn't mean the kind used in American politics either

And he doesn’t mean the kind used in American politics





Some More Texts from Wonderbutt

My 9-year-old daughter and I went on an impromptu trip to Dallas this weekend.  (We live in San Antonio, about 5 hours away.)  Our bulldog, Wonderbutt, stayed home with Cap’n Firepants, but obviously missed us.

(You can learn more about Mark Cuban here.  He owns the basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, arch-rival of our own San Antonio Spurs.  And he has said some pretty negative things about our city over the years.)

Wonderbutt Smoking a Cuban.
Not Wonderbutt. (Wonderbutt is far cuter.)  Probably not a Cuban, either.
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Wonderbutt missing us. Courtesy of Cap’n Firepants.

At Least He Hasn’t Eaten the Phone Yet


If our bulldog, Wonderbutt, could send text messages:

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