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I Get So Promotional, Baby, Every Time I Think of You

Today is a bit of a gratitude roundup.  In the past few weeks, I’ve collected a few nice gestures from people, and it’s important that I give them credit (and some invaluable whatimeant2say PR) before my senile mind forgets all of them.

A.)  I need to thank Stephyness for awarding me the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I am still working on displaying the award, as my Award Shelf Runneth Over.  But, it’s a particularly attractive one, so I will certainly find a way to show it off, rest assured.

2.)  Much appreciation goes out to my pal over at “I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said That“.  She is one of my most stalwart fans, and gives me props on a regular basis.  She bestowed upon me the Award That Must Not Be Named on this Family Blog.  For some reason, she likes my writing, and the feeling is mutual!  Check out her recent article on blog stalking.  If you’re lucky, maybe she will start stalking you!  And, this clever lady actually has two blogs, so be sure you avail yourself of her sunny side, too, by taking a gander at Hobbling Around.  Her Public Service Announcement is one of her many hysterically funny posts.

Trois)  I must direct you to The Middlest Sister, who is celebrating 5,000 subscribers by posting paper art of the avatars of her top 50 commenters.  And, lo and behold, there is the cutest darn picture of Wonderbutt that you ever did see.  See if you can find it in her clever mosaic!  Congrats, Nicole, on your many fans.  Your fame is well-deserved!  (You can also check out Nicole’s clever art at Nevermind Nicki.)

4th.)  We just received a new, hand-made, duck canvas cover for a bed for Wonderbutt from Bow Wow Beds.  And, he totally loves it.  I know he doesn’t look thrilled in this picture, but when have you ever seen him look thrilled?  The best way to tell that he is absolutely delighted is to note that he has not chewed it up yet.  Now, the cover was not free, but I want to thank Amberlii at Bow Wow for having this brilliant idea to make custom covers at reasonable prices (we are using our cover on Dimples’ old crib mattress – great way to recycle!), and for not questioning my request to personalize it with the name “Wonderbutt”!

My Firepants are on Fire

In the interest of adding another award to my shelf, I am participating in The Hobbler’s recent challenge to be the Best Liar.  The best thing about this award is that there are no rules.  So, I am going to make my own.  Because I like to be in control.

Like The Hobbler, I will tell you 6 things, three of which are true and three of which are lies.

Unlike The Hobbler, I am not going to put the award on my shelf unless I’ve fooled everyone who guesses.  (Well, technically, The Hobbler does not have a shelf – so I guess she couldn’t do that anyway.)  Your job is to, of course, find the truths.  If you guess correctly, you’ve got yourself a prized “I Wonderbutt, Do You?” award.  If no one guesses correctly, I get to add another knick knack to my shelf.

So, here you go:

  1. I once played Ebenezer Scrooge in the musical, “Scrooged.”
  2. I voted for George W. the first time, but not the second.
  3. I was voted Most Intelligent in my Senior class.
  4. I moonlighted as Shot Girl in a country western bar my first couple of years of  teaching.
  5. My favorite movie as a teenager was Dirty Dancing.  I watched it approximately 113 3/4 times.
  6. I have never watched Animal House.

Alrighty then.  The gauntlet has been thrown, and the challenge issued.  I am looking forward to sticking that Best Liar award on my shelf.  If you should defeat me, however, I will accept being a loser with grace – though I might send Wonderbutt to drool on you.  I am suffering from Diet Coke withdrawal right now, so I’m a bit unpredictable.

By the way, feel free to take on the Best Liar challenge on your own blog.  I am hoping you will so I will have more information with which to stalk you be more informed about my fellow bloggers 😉

The Best Liar Award


Thank God the White House Has its Own Cook

Now that I have officially announced my Presidential Candidacy, and I have been Officially Endorsed by my friend, The Hobbler, I feel that it is my obligation to inform you that I may or may not possess all of my faculties.  The following anecdote will help you make an informed decision about my ability to perform my job – or any job, for that matter.

My husband, the long suffering Cap’n Firepants, asked the other day, “Hey, did you notice the corn in the Tupperware dish on the counter?”

“Yeah, why did you leave that on the counter?”

“I wanted to remind myself to tell you where I found it.”

This is where he found it. Note the nonperishable items that surround it. And, yes, this is another re-enactment (with the original dish of corn).

Neither one of us remembers putting the leftover corn in the pantry (otherwise known as the unrefrigerated closet that does not preserve food) with the clean Tupperware.

To his credit, he never said it was me.

But I know he thinks it.

And I think it, too.

I Hope You’ll Visit Me in Prison

Last weekend, Dimples won first place in one of her synchronized swimming competitions.  As she grinned from ear to ear while accepting her blue ribbon, I couldn’t help feeling proud – and jealous.  It’s hard to be an adult sometimes, when the opportunities to win awards are few and far between.  As I’ve reminded everyone several times,  I am addicted to accolades.

This is why I blog.  The blogging community has all sorts of honors to bestow, and it seems like there are new ones being invented all of the time.  My goal is to collect every single one of them on my Awards Shelf.

To that end, I have a couple of new awards to announce; the “Crack Up” and the “One Lovely Blog” have been recently conferred upon me.

The “Crack Up” was generously passed on by an opinionated mommy named KP.

The Hobbler tapped me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Thank you, Ladies, for helping me to feel validated and less envious of my nine year old daughter.

As veteran bloggers know, these notches on our bedposts do not come without a price.  Every single one of these fabulous prizes have rules.  No one has told me what happens if you break the rules, but we might find out in the next couple of days because I am feeling a bit rebellious and a lot lazy.

I have already thanked my benefactors, so that requirement has been fulfilled.  But, I can’t remember what the other expectations are – and I am feeling slightly passive aggressive – so I am just going to make them up.  If you want to know what the actual rules are, please click on the links for the wonderful blogs listed above.  Even if you don’t want to know the actual rules, I highly recommend you visit them anyway.

Since I know that I like to be recognized, I feel it’s only fair to recognize some other people.  But I know it’s overwhelming to the readers to suddenly be accosted with a bunch of links.  Therefore, I am going to limit my own awarding to one person for each award (this is where the Blog Police might come and take me away as I am blatantly defying the award criteria):

If you really want to “Crack Up”, I think you will not be disappointed by visiting “I’ve Become My Parents.”

And the “One Lovely Blog” I would like to recognize is “The Middlest Sister.”

There are tons of other blogs I love to read, and highly recommend, on my Blog Roll.  If I was not feeling so lethargic, I would invent an award for each and every one of them.  As it is, you should find it a true testament to their value that I even found the energy to create a blog roll for the sole purpose of honoring them.

I think I am supposed to tell you some things about myself, but I highly doubt you want to know anything at this point, since you are either cussing me out for not honoring you, or you don’t give a flip about these awards anyway.  I will tell you that I have a secret trick for getting out of handcuffs, so if you are planning to arrest me for breaking the blogging laws, you might want to reconsider your method of capture.

And, on that note, my acceptance speech is complete.

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