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I’m Not Sure I Really Need to Add this Event to My Calendar

Among the many valuable skills that I have for which I cannot seem to find someone to pay me, I have the ability to create and maintain websites.  One of the websites I update is for a local children’s sports team.  Included in this site is an embedded Google calendar to which the various coaches can add information about practice from their own Google calendars.

I was double-checking the calendar’s upcoming events the other day to make sure I had put them all in, when I came across an unexpected entry.  See if you can find it in the realistic reproduction I have posted below:

Friday, September 27,  No practice

Monday, September 30, 7-9 15 & Up practice

Tuesday, October 1, 6:30-8:30 12-14 practice

Wednesday, October 2, Birth Control

Thursday, October 3, 7-9 15 & Up practice

Did you spot it?  Fortunately I spotted it and quickly removed it – hopefully before anyone else noticed.  Apparently, one of our coaches decided to share a bit too much on the team calendar.

Either that, or she was making a statement about how much she enjoys working with children…

Too Much Information

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