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I Wonderbutt, Do You?

In yesterday’s ground-breaking post announcing the On Demand features now available on this blog, I gave a sneak peek into the future 3D-ness that may be available.  I offered the following picture, and issued the challenge to be the first person to correctly identify the hidden word.

Hint: If you can't see the word, click on the image to view it full-size.

I promised a virtual Wonderbutt trophy to the winner, and I am here to say that the WINNER IS:


UNFORTUNATELY, oops, sorry – forgot to take off the caps lock – Unfortunately, Mrs. Voices does not have a handy little hyperlink on her interesting name, so I am not sure how to contact her regarding her prize.  Hopefully, she will visit again so she can pick it up and post her trophy on her own blog, or print it out SUPER LARGE and hang it in her bathroom (which is what I do with all of my awards).

Since, Mrs. Voices may be a pseudonym for a superhero who likes to cruise people’s blogs for the sole purpose of beating everyone else to contest answers, I am going to give out a second trophy to the second person to correctly answer:

piper’s mom

Sorry, forgot to put the caps lock back on:  PIPER’S MOM

Piper’s Mom happens to be the lovely wife of Bob over at Voices in my Brain if I have my facts correct.  Now that I think about it, I’m thinking Piper’s Mom and Mrs. Voices are one and the same.  But I could be wrong.  So, congratulations to one/both of you on getting the correct answer, (SPOILER ALERT) “RAT.”

Subscribers will probably understand why I chose that particular word.  For those of you who might be interested in making your own stereogram to drive your readers crazy entertain your public, here is the link.

And now, Piper’s Mom and Mrs. Voices, here is your lovely prize.  You will appreciate, I am sure, that there are no strings attached (literally or figuratively).  As winners, you do not have to reference me or this blog, and you don’t have to pass it along to anyone else.  I want to thank J-Wo for his contribution to this masterpiece.  It’s mostly his Photoshop work, attaching the wings to dear Wonderbutt.  I just took out the background and added the text.  You can blame me for the irregular edges.  I have shaky hands, and I just got new contacts.

I know the rest of you are jealous, and want one of these puppies for your own Awards Shelf/Margin/Header/Footer, etc…  But you will just have to wait until I have another contest.  Or decide to give you one Just Because.  No stealing, lifting, copying, modifying, blah, blah, blah.

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