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In this unprecedented, one time only offer, I am giving you the opportunity of a lifetime!  Although I pointed out yesterday that you must subscribe to my Premium On Demand Package in order to question or criticize me, I am going to make an exception this once.  I need your help in determining which post I should enter in a Humor Essay contest.  I’ve culled through my 173 posts so far, and come up with the sadly short list below of possibilities.  If any of them seem  humorous, could you please vote for it?  Also, I have given you the option to fill in your own comment.  You could use this to make your own post suggestion, or you could use it to question or criticize me.  I will take your comments under careful consideration.

Why, you may ask, would you want to fill in my silly form instead of just entering a comment below?  Well, because if you fill in the form, you will be rewarded with the name of the contest I am entering.  I think this is highly selfless of me, since you will probably want to then enter the contest yourself.  Or, you could just call it a bribe.

Here are direct links to the chosen few in case you would like to review them:

And With Also You

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Just Don’t Bury MY Head in the Sand

Jingle Hell

Who Do You Think Pulls the Sleigh?

Advice on Interior Design

I Hope It’s Not Too Late

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