Wonderbutt Comes Out of the Closet – And Goes Back In

I think this whole situation has been the hardest on my husband.  It’s not that he isn’t open-minded about such things.  It’s just hard to have certain expectations and suddenly be faced with the fact that a member of your family has unusual interests that don’t line up with societal norms.

I remember vividly the day that Wonderbutt first came out of the closet.  In the middle of the night, I heard something stirring outside the bedroom door.  I opened it to find Wonderbutt, who usually sleeps in the living room.  He immediately rushed into the bedroom, looking fearfully behind him.  Either he’d had a nightmare that a giant Spot Bot was about to consume him, or his rear end was bothering him.  Either way, I was too tired to shoo him back out of the room.  So, I closed the door, whispered for him to go lay down on the floor, and went back to sleep.

My husband didn’t witness any of this.  When he got up the next morning to go to work, I just folded a pillow over my head as usual and resumed sleeping.

Suddenly, “What the f—?!!!!”

I leapt up, just in time to see Wonderbutt making a beeline out of the closet as my husband tried to regain his balance after being rammed by the dog who had, unbeknownst to him, decided to nap behind the hanging clothes.

It appears that Wonderbutt enjoyed this unexpected reaction to his closet exodus – as he continues to repeat the performance on a regular basis.  It’s gotten to the point where my husband and I both enter the closet with extreme caution, never certain if we will be able to complete the mundane task of grabbing a shirt off a hanger or forced to leap into the air to avoid a missile hurtling out from its hiding place under one of my lacy negligees.


I suppose we shouldn’t find Wonderbutt’s affinity for the closet to be all that startling, considering his nightly routine of draping himself with the dining room curtains every time we eat dinner.  We also often find him half-buried underneath the dust ruffles of our beds – the less attractive end that earned him his nickname always sticking out.

We’ll always love Wonderbutt – no matter what unconventional activities he pursues.

It would be nice, though, to not have to worry about being confronted by a capricious canine every time we change our clothes.




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  1. Just make sure you and he both get enough sleep at night.
    Otherwise, a half awake you might find yourself wearing a half awake him along with a smart skirt and jacket….

  2. What an adorable bulldog! We have one that looks very much like him and he is so full of personality! Love them.

  3. There’s nothing like a great pet story to put a smile on my face – or any animal lover’s face, for that matter. Wonderbutt is adorable. Gotta love him! Thanks for this post.

  4. WELCOME BAAAAAAAAACK!!! – LM and I have both missed you. Are you all well? It’s been far too long. XXX

  5. Wonderbutt is such a character. Thanks for the laugh 😀😀

  6. It is a safe place I have my kennel I am safe there. I like wonderbutt

  7. Hahhah…adorable pictures! And there are worse places to sleep…

  8. Let us know when he’s wearing your heels.

  9. Oh Wonderbutt. My cat likes to sleep under beds. And slept in my closet when we moved to our new house but never did that again once she got used to things. Animals.

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