For all who care to see, here are my beautiful, much-treasured awards.  On Shelf Number ONE (Be Sure to Check out Shelf Number TWO, too):

The Life-Saver Award – Designed by Dimples – Given for my great valor in saving her from a snake

The Versatile Blogger Award – Designed by I Don’t Know Who – Awarded for I’m Not Sure What – Given by Miranda GargaszThe Underwhelmer, and butenuffaboutme

The Incredibly Prestigious Oh My Blog Award – Designed by The Idiot – Given for my valor in standing up against Big Ole Blogging Bully

The Liebster Blog Award – Presented to me by the beautiful Bassawho may or may not have a little crush on Wonderbutt.  Also – Wish He Was My DadBumpy Road to BubbaPoet Prodigy 7, The Dante Diaries

The 7×7 Link Award – Presented to me by The Hobbler.

Adult Spelling Bee Winner 2011 – Presented to me by Bill Fisher through this Gemini Ink Event.  My award is A Conspiracy of Paper, by David Liss.

One Lovely Blog – Presented to me by The Hobbler and The Collies of the Meadow

Crack Up – Awarded to me by The Opinionated Mommy

Kreativ Blogger – Bestowed upon me by The Idiot Speaketh

Glitter E. Yaynus Award – Awarded to Wonderbutt (not me, but I get to have it on my shelf) by Ohmygawdjustdowhatisay

Best Liar – Granted by The Hobbler (How well she knows me!)

H.U.G. – Given by Bumpy Road to Bubba

Sunshine Award – Presented to me by glutenvygirl, A Fine Day for an Epiphany,  Paws to Talk, and Collies of the Meadow.

On Shelf Number TWO:

First off, we have the Reader Appreciation Award given to me by Aja at Writing and Recovering.  If you, too, are interested in being an appreciated reader, check out Aja’s first published book on Amazon, By the Light of the Moon!

Next, we have the Inspiring Blogger Award from Collies of the Meadow (and Chuck).  Our favorite pack of dogs also awarded us the Sunshine Award, which is on our other awards shelf.

Bassa, the most beautiful and intriguing Caucasian Shepherd in the world, gave us the You Make Me Shine Award.

I mentioned the next one on the shelf once already, but it bears repeating – thanks to Nicole at The Middlest Sister for our Wonderbutt avatar.  It almost helps us to overlook the fact that she now has 5,000 subscribers and we only have 3.

And lastly on the first shelf, but not least, we have the Hot Potato Award, passed on to us by our favorite pair of poodles, Bella and Didi, at Paws to Talk.

Second shelf:

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from She Can’t Be Serious

Reader’s Appreciation Award (hand-drawn!!!!) from Miranda Gargasz at Scattering Moments

Strong Person Award from Aja at Writing and Recovering

I Loves my Bloggie Furriends Award from Chancy and Mumsy

The Sensual Blogger Award from Anon Con at Consciously Anonymous

The Awesome Blossom and Because You’re Fantabulous Awards from Alexandra at microrrelatoshortstories

The Interesting Blog Award from Monica at A Day in the Life


  1. Miranda Gargasz

    I am so totally jealous of your shelf. I want one! lol

  2. Thanks. I do like things neat and organized. At least on my blog.

  3. I love the shelf! Good job. I wonder if there’s an award for having the best looking award’s shelf?

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