What’s Not to Love?

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as enamored with fat gassy bulldogs with an underbite as I am.  Wonderbutt was hanging out on the Starbucks patio with Cap’n Firepants and me the other night, and getting lots of lovin’ from passersby.  But then a tall, burly guy rounded the corner with his latte and stopped short when he saw Wonderbutt.  He glared at me and backed away slowly to find a seat somewhere else.  I know I can be pretty intimidating, but I can’t help but feel that Wonderbutt had something to do with the man’s quick retreat.

Wonderbutt at Starbucks

Wonderbutt hanging out with Cap’n Firepants. Maybe the Cap’n scared the guy off…


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  1. I didn’t know bulldogs got that kind of reaction!

  2. The guy probably just knew that if asked.. there would be no way he could resist Wonderbutt’s wanting, big, puppy-dog eyes, and would be “forced” into sharing his latte… Of course, perhaps he was just scared of a “gas-attack”..!! 😉

  3. Frankly, anyone who backs away from Wonderbutt and DOESN’T fanatically stroke him, is somebody I do not want to be friends with!

  4. I can’t believe he ran away when wonderbutt was doing his come hither face!! I think it was the cap’n he was avoiding!

  5. I’m always amazed at the people who don’t like dogs. Wonderbutt is about as intimidating as a marshmallow, and my own dog looks like a large teddybear, but I’ve seen people who are fearful of dogs freak out equally in the presence of Chihuahuas and mastiffs! I feel like a leper when people cross the street to avoid encountering my dog on walks – the way some people act, you’d think he was growling and snapping and making intense eye-contact at them before doing the “I’ve got my eye on you” sign followed by the “Imma slit your throat” sign, instead of sniffing industriously at a pile of leaves.

  6. Maybe he smelled him coming.
    (The guy smelling WB, not the other way around…)

  7. 😦 poor wonderbutt, I am sure capt underpants gave him some extra lovin’.

  8. ditto blogdramedy: definitely a cat lover.

  9. Obviously he doesn’t know what a lpvebug looks like. Too bad for him.

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