Would You Be Interested in Renting a Bull-Dozer?

Did you feel the earth move today?  Around 10:00 CMT?  If so, it was not your imagination.

Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. were racing around our backyard with zeal.  Because this yard, cultivated by Cap’n Firepants, has a billion plants requiring close supervision of Wonderbutt in the interest of his safety (I think we have established that dog will eat anything), such occasions are rare.

What - You Don't Think This Looks Yummy?

Wonderbutt went through his usual pattern of trying to chew everything, and then zipping full steam ahead back and forth.  During one of his zipping sessions, he cut through one of the Cap’n’s planting areas – and smacked his face full force into a tree trunk.

I should tell you that Wonderbutt is fine before I tell you that I have never seen Cap’n Firepants laugh so hard.  He is, as a matter of fact, still laughing.  He could barely contain himself as he went to check the tree to see if the collision had moved it.  He swears Wonderbutt knocked it a couple of centimeters south.

As for Wonderbutt, he did what most of us do when we do something embarrassing; he sat there dazed for a moment – and then continued to tear through the brush right toward us so he could take out the people who had witnessed his humiliating moment.

Sixty-five Pounds of Love Heading Straight for Me

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  1. I have a cat like Wonderbutt. They bring laughter to the home!

  2. He is entertaining. My Shelby has decided to start digging (only since I planted the last batch of plants). She’s lucky I love her.

  3. You remind me of DeDe Dog. She is always trying to find that feral kitty in her hiding spot, even if the darn cat has just walked right by her.

  4. That action shot of Wonderbutt tearing toward you is fantastic! All I can think of is that scene in Jurassic Park where they know the tyrannosaurus is coming because the jello quivers. I suggest reinforcing your window frames so he doesn’t rattle the glass right out of them.

    I love that dog. Wish we lived closer so we could arrange a doggy play date.

  5. Wonderbutt is too funny. I always look forward to reading about his next adventure.

  6. Poor dog! One time we threw a ball in the dog house and lilly didnt realize there was a way out the back! Smack!

  7. Hey, who put this tree here?

  8. writingandrecovering

    Wonderbutt is hilarious. Animals are great at making people laugh. I think the dogs know it’s their job.

  9. My cats do that sometimes! Except they don’t barrel straight for me. They look around and start licking something as if to say, “I meant to do that.”

  10. I like that dog’s attitude. He’s got a one-way ticket to “now town!” 😛

  11. He does look as if he is built like a tank! 🙂

  12. it was a Wonder that he did not Butt his poor little nose!
    I hope that you kissed him better and gave him a cuddle.

    65lbs wow that is some dog!

    But ain

  13. I started so I shall finish.

    But ain’t he just the cutest around?

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