Wonderbutt Sleeps Around

Our bulldog, Wonderbutt, is fickle.  Like some people you may know, he is always looking for the next best thing – whether it’s a better treat, a squeakier toy, or a more gullible sucker to give him a butt massage.  Loyalty to products or people has never been one of Wonderbutt’s strong suits.

Case in point:  we’ve only had the dog for two years, but he has slept in more beds than I have my entire life.  (I don’t have pictures of Bed #1-3, as Wonderbutt destroyed them early in his Pernicious Puppy Phase.)

Bed #4 – the cushion he consistently dragged off the couch. (Actually, there were 5 cushions that he did this with on a regular basis, so I guess that would be Beds 4-6)

Bed #8 – An actual mat purchased for him at the pet store.

Bed #9 – A Wonderbutt-sized bed


In the meantime, our 11-year-old golden retriever, Mrs. Pain in the Butt, has had two beds that I can think of – the carpet and the concrete floor.  So, after noticing that the concrete floor has become a bit of challenge for our arthritic dog, the Firepants Family made a trip to Petsmart to hand-select the Perfect Pallet for Mrs. P.I.B.


Twenty minutes after this picture was taken…

So much for keeping the receipt…


And, later that evening:



By the next day, Wonderbutt had a Bedding Command Post.  Which did not seem to offend Mrs. P.I.B. in the slightest.


When Wonderbutt becomes famous some day, I expect I will be able to sell his Collection of Cots on eBay with the label, “Wonderbutt Slept Here”…

“And here.”

“And here.”


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  1. While I feel bad for Mrs. PIB, I am impressed with WBs understanding of being as comfortable as possible when sleeping.

    And envious of his having so many places to do that.

  2. Love it! Wonderbutt reminds me of our now-deceased Bully, Harry. He, too “slept around.” We now have a Boxer & several Bostons who do the same.
    Snorks n snuffles, Wonderbutt!! You’re gorgeous!

  3. All the bulldogs I’ve known have had a tendency to claim anything and everything as “MY sleepy place!”

  4. That is so naughty! You’re my idol, Wonderbutt!!

    Love and licks,

  5. When you think about it, Wonderbutt doesn’t probably have a lot of other things to think about during the day. Mrs. P.I.B. reminds me of my son who never cared about sitting “shotgun” in the car. Perhaps she knows there are more important things in life!

  6. Poor Mrs. PIB. One day, when no one is looking, she’s going to put Wonderbutt in his place.

  7. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy)

    Sweet Wonderbutt you never cease to amaze us. It is a good thing Mrs. P.I.B. is as laid back as she is and not bothered too much with what you do…even with her things. BTW we think you are already famous. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Poor PIB. She really should be off the floor. How about one of those raised cot things (I think they are from Australia). They have no stuffing so I think WonderButt may find them uninteresting. I do like his fort though.

  9. Awww, poor Mrs. PIB. That young whipper snapper should be ashamed!

  10. It’s the chain of command and when ‘the boss’ wants to lay his head, he will lay it where he wants to. Must agree poor old Mrs PIB does get the wicky end of the stick losing her bed to a young wipper snapper.
    My dogs sleep on blankets on the floor , maybe Mrs PIB would like that and His Highness would not

  11. Awww, Mrs PIB! Wonderbutt is so funny.

  12. my favorite photo – the one about the receipt with Mrs. PIB looking at wonderbutt. her expression is priceless and perfect.

  13. Serta should sigh him up immediately. 🙂

  14. Wonder but is an asshole! But a lovable one! 😉

  15. BOL!! Well done wonderbutt, although you really should share!

  16. Poor Mrs. P.I.B! She doesn’t seem to be terribly offended though. Wonderbutt sure gets around though, and of course he has to “sample” a taste of each bed, right? 🙂

  17. Oh, Wonderbutt. He’s a bulldozer when it comes to getting his way, isn’t he? Our cat is like that with beds, constantly giving Sherm the boot, although he hasn’t yet managed to relocate any of the dog beds around here.

  18. Wow! He sure gets around doesnt he? hehehe

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