Why Does THAT End Always Have to Be Near My Face?

I’ve often said that Wonderbutt is a literary dog.  He tends to eat books rather than read them, however.  Lately, though, he has shown great interest in attending my reading sessions in my daughter’s bedroom in the evening.  This started while we were reading the James Herriot book, so I thought he just enjoyed animal stories.  But, we’ve since moved on to an adventurous fantasy novel, and he continues to join us each time.  (When I say, “join”, I mean that he leaps up out of a deep stupor whenever I head toward her room, and races me to the usual spot by the beanbag where he then collapses by my side as soon as I begin to read.)  I would feel honored by his eagerness to participate – if he didn’t start snoring and passing gas in the middle of my orations.



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  1. My dogs do the same thing. They get as close to me as possible before sharing their blessings. They wouldn’t want me to miss out.

  2. Oh how I love that dog!

  3. …and, why are they always so sulphuric?

  4. They are evil!
    Mine gets under the bed right before I fall sleep and starts releasing his scent.

  5. Where I come from, it’s considered a compliment to toot when someone reads.

  6. You just lull him right to his happy place, don’t you? (Next to you Wonderbutt looks gigantic! Never realized he was so big.)

  7. It’s Family Time – it makes him feel all happy and secure. After all, only those who truly love you would put up with snoring and farting.

    Oops, maybe that says too much about my personal life…

  8. There is only one Wonderbutt and we love him!! He is so funny. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. I saw the title, I saw the picture and I knew I would love this post – off to read it now!

  10. he’s so damn cute I could *almost* let the gassiness pass. ha! see what I did there?s

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