Let’s Try This Again

I am very disappointed in you guys. And, you should not interpret this as any kind of projection of the disappointment in myself that I might be feeling due to the fact that my computer crashed this weekend and I hadn’t backed it up yet.

I just took a gander at my 2012 resolutions for all of you, and you have sadly fallen short on your goals.

The fact that, according to my trusty Googleometer, Toddlers and Tiaras just started a new season shows a blatant defiance of at least three of the resolutions I laid out for you guys. Since I have not read about any recent adult human zoo exhibitions, I guess I can only assume that you have so many samples to choose from, that you cannot decide who would be the best person to stick inside an enclosure.

I am happy to see that you followed my directive to not vote for Donald Trump. Thanks for throwing me that little bone, at least.

I guess no doctors read my blog, as the resolution to see your patients on time does not seem to have been adhered to, according to my sources. And you didn’t cure cancer. As that was really the only goal directly related to saving people’s lives, and technically only had to be accomplished by one person to satisfy the demand, I have to say I am really bummed that that one got no traction.

In retrospect, I guess you could say that I probably overreached a bit with last year’s list. So, this year, I’m just going to give you one thing to do. Well, actually two.

I’m rolling over the cancer curing command. And even though I am erasing the rest of last year’s list, I would like to gently suggest that it will probably be a little more difficult to accomplish this if you are wasting your time watching Toddlers and Tiaras.

Número two-o is to back up your computer. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I just lost my favorite recipe for Nestlé chocolate chip cookies as related to me by Phoebe Buffay when my own computer committed Hari Kari a couple of days ago.

The truth is, if you discover the cure for cancer, and your computer crashes and you have no backup, you’re going to be pretty upset with yourself.

Or so I would imagine.

PS – I can’t figure out how to caption pictures using my iPad WordPress app. And this was one of the few pictures in my photo library I could include. So, I’m sorry that it has nothing to do with my post. But I’m working with a handicap here, so I hope you will cut me some slack. Even though I didn’t cut you any.


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  1. He definitely looks like he’s on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer. I hope he backed up his computer…..

    Happy 2013.

  2. Not sure your admonishment to not watch Honey Boo Boo will be effective.
    Mostly because I’m not sure the target audience can read…

  3. Jeez Louise, the pressure.

  4. the photo has everything to do with your post! WB is obviously not helping anyone fulfill any resolutions. sorry about the computer crash and i hope that did not take all the fun out of new year’s eve and day.

  5. I’d know a microbiologist anywhere. Why, there’s one now. He’s just napping at the moment. Happy new year and thanks for sharing.

  6. thank you for the reminder to back up. I used to do it on a regular basis but the last six months I have been lacksidaisicle in not doing it.
    Good pic of WB…he is just letting the world go by without any problem…no need to make resolutions..or be worried about where the next meal comes from.
    Happy New Year to you all

  7. Yeah, we were just a bunch of slackers last year. Thanks for making it easier this year. 🙂

  8. I failed you!!! My humbled apologies. Truly.
    And I’m so sorry about the hard drive crash – THAT is poopy and so so sad. Can anything be retrieved? Whatever will you do without that recipe that Phoebe’s grandma got from the incomparable and legendary Nestle Tollhouse?!

    • Poopy is an excellent word for it. I have my computer back with a brand new hard drive, but it remains to be seen if my old data can be recovered. Maybe Monica can help me re-create that recipe…

  9. I think the photo fits your post perfectly! At least that’s how I look when people or computers disappoint me 😉

  10. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag)

    Sorry about your computer problems and losing your stuff. My son has an ‘always on backup’ system on my computer. I check it periodically to make sure it is doing its job, so far so good.

    I won’t get started on what I think about Toddlers and Tiaras since this is your blog…all I will say is it needs to GO out of sight and out of mind.

    Finding a cure for cancer…sure hope that happens.

    Love the picture of Wonderbutt, that is pure comfort and ease if I ever saw it. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. I’m not a doctor so curing cancer and seeing patients on time didn’t concern me. I did not watch Toddlers and Tiaras though.

  12. He looks appropriately disappointed. I have backed up one computer, with one to go. Then I can focus on the whole curing cancer thing. In it to win it! 8)

    • By now I am sure you have backed up the 2nd one as well. Sadly, I am all ready to back up now – I just have nothing left to back up. I’m trying to look at it as a clean slate instead of the complete annihilation of all of my memories.

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