Wanted: A Trampoline with a Slingshot – and Maybe a Pig or Two

A new text from my deprived, overweight bulldog, Wonderbutt:

And the video that inspired me to consider the addition of a trampoline to his weight loss program:


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  1. Oh that clip is hilarious!

  2. Just found you on the WordPress reader under ‘Humor.’ Glad I did–that clip was so funny. Just watched it with my son. Of course, now he wants a trampoline. And a dog. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh, if you could get Wonderbutt to do that on a trampoline it would be hysterical!!

  4. Does this work for people, I wonder?

  5. Get a trampoline!

  6. I’ve been obsessed with this video since I saw it on TV a few days ago. I’m DYING to put Cupcake on a trampoline, but I’m pretty sure she’d stand there shivering and looking dumb. What a disappointment!

  7. wonderbutt could totally lose weight. i am sure of it. AND he could finally fulfill my dream of seeing his name in lights by becoming famous in the bulldog gymnastics olympics. 😀

  8. go for a walk WB..that will be fun, exercise and will give you bounce…….

  9. i think you should!! bol can’t wait to see the video

  10. We vote for trampoline…we want W.B. to be a healthy, svelte four-legged!

  11. I’m thinking he may enjoy one of those hip shaking machines…you know the one that Lucy used on “I Love Lucy?” His center of gravity may be an issue on a trampoline. 🙂

  12. So, I heard about this website today and it made me think of Wonderbutt. 🙂 I hope it makes you laugh too! And you could always do your own submission! http://dog-shaming.com/

  13. Love it – I want a trampoline too (mumma that is)!

  14. What a great clip! Somehow, though, I picture Wonderbutt flopping down in the middle of the trampoline and refusing to move… 🙂

  15. That’s pretty funny!!

  16. this would definitely make America’s funniest videos and perhaps the news at 11 pm…

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